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Where is the Mermaid Coast exactly? Well, truth be told, it’s somewhere in our dreams along the rocky cliffs and shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea between Cilento and Capri. Since ancient times humans have pondered whether mermaids inhabit this pristine wilderness so when we created this unique and very special experience, we deferred to the past and the legend of the sirens to capture its essence.

Cilento stretches south from Salerno at the bottom of the Amalfi Coast. It’s a much less frequented coastline but no less beautiful. People in this region live long lives thanks to their celebrated and well studied diet. The pace of life is slow and dedicated to taking in the surrounding natural beauty.

Capri, in contrast, is on the well worn path. Or is it? Most visitors come for the day and barely scratch the surface of this almost mythical island with countless tiny coves and inlets, and ravines and valleys that hold centuries of secrets. 

We’re excited to share with the contrasts and similarities of these two very special areas close to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. We’ve partnered with locals who are deeply passionate about their land. You’ll discover their perspective and the way things were before the rush of day trippers arrived. And it’s guaranteed to capture your heart even before you catch a glimpse of one of their magical sunsets.

Discover the Mermaid Coast

Long ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans settled in this area around the Tyrrenhenian Sea, bringing with them villas and temples that remain to this day. These noble and majestic buildings contrast with the spectacular natural wonders that surround them and provide an anchor to the past. 

The sea is always calling you here. Whether it is the ethereal grottoes of Capri or the relaxed beach towns of Cilento, there’s always time to catch those fresh sea breezes and relax into the scene. And when it’s time to eat, the sea of course delivers the freshest fish, but did you know the land holds treasures too? Here you’ll find mozzarella made from the milk of well cared for buffalos that may actually change your life. 

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