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Journey with us to Italy’s iconic Piedmont wine country and discover the gastronomic delights of this beautiful northern region known best for Barolo and truffles. We introduce you to a magnificent city, stunning palaces, and perhaps the world’s most decadent chocolate drink – bicerin.

Our journeys start in Turin where we explore the city’s elegant streets and learn of its importance in modern Italian history. We visit the market and local providores and discover how cuisine plays a central role in the city’s psyche.

Then it’s on to Le Langhe, home to some of the world’s best wine, truffles and picturesque towns perched on hilltops overlooking vineyards as far as the eye can see. We visit Alba, La Morra and royal castles of the region and of course a Barolo wine tour and tasting.

Piedmont will stay in your memories forever. Who could forget convivial meals shared with new friends and great wine amidst the stunning scenery of northern Italy.


Discover Piedmont

Just over an hour by train from Milan, Turin serves up refined northern Italian sensibilities alongside its celebrated food and wine. The capital sits in the middle of this mountainous and hilly region bordering France and Switzerland, and was once the Royal city of Italy. From Turin. you’re not far from hills covered in woods and vines – an enchanting landscape that is full of charm. This terrain yields some of the best produce in Italy – wines, cheese and truffles. So if you’re a food and wine lover, then this may very well be like coming home.

Untold Italy Ep. 55

Picturesque Piedmont

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Piedmont Food Guide

Discover the region’s produce and dishes